1 April 2020 6 By NQT Resources

Hello, dear reader!

If what brings you here is another massively stressful day at work, the need for some reassurance, a good resource, or just simply the feeling of being understood, I hope that you will find exactly what you need on this blog.

NQT-Resources was made for you; the overwhelmed new teacher who simply cannot fathom how to get through the crazy amount of work that you have to manage on a daily basis, whilst caring for your students, and doing them justice, and not sacrificing your sanity in the process. And also the teacher in training who’s only just starting to learn how to teach.

Let me tell you: you’ve got this! You will get through it, and it will become easier. You will learn as you go, and what currently feels like a race for dear life, will soon become routine with the benefit of not becoming boring. Trust me :).

Now, just a heads-up: I am an MFL teacher, so most of the resources I can provide, will focus on MFL. That said, there will also be resources for starters and plenaries that you’ll be able to adapt for your subject, as well as there’ll be general topics on the daily life of a teacher, time management, and little tips and tricks that apply to the profession as a whole. This blog will grow with our collective input, and I’ll be adding resources and entries, regularly. Also, here’s the forum, where you can share subject-specific resources, and talk to people who teach the same subject(s) as you. I really hope you’ll use this as a way to share and give feedback, so everyone can benefit, and have it all in one place.

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Happy teaching!


Disclaimer: All views are my own. I am speaking from my own experience, and share what worked for me. Teaching is not ‘one size fits all’, different things and approaches work for different people, but I hope that you’ll find some of the things I have to say useful.