Onze – The game that shall not be named ;)

1 June 2020 0 By miriam


Everybody gets up.

The class counts to 11, BUT: 11 is the number that causes the person who says it to sit down.

So every player’s goal is to not say 11.

Every player can count up to 3 numbers. So the first player could for instance count 1, 2, and the next player could then count 3, 4, 5, and so on, until someone ends up saying 11, and has to sit down. This continues until everyone sits down.

Especially young students get super excited about this game, and develop strategies to outsmart each other. There will be friendship groups, and boys versus girls, etc. So you can introduce extra rules, like: you need to sit down, if it takes you longer than 3 seconds to count, or: we need to rearrange before we play, so no groups can form, etc.

It’s a great game that you can use to revise numbers (you can later go up to 21). Use it as a reward, if the class has behaved well, achieved a good result in a test, etc. It’s something they need to earn, not something they get for free, whenever they want to.

If the game gets out of hand, and the noise level doesn’t stay acceptable, or cheating starts, or anything that is against your rules that you reinforce at the beginning, you stop and have them do a written exercise in silence.

Make sure you remind your students of what you expect them to do.