Power Posing

1 June 2020 Off By miriam
Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

What’s this about?

In short: it’s about tricking yourself into feeling more confident. Clever people, like Amy Cuddy have found out that adopting a power pose for as little as 2 minutes changes the concentration of our stress-hormones for the better, and actually has a positive effect on us.

It is something that you can do, before you encounter a difficult class, or before you have a meeting with a scary boss, but you can also teach your students to power-pose before a test. It will positively influence their mindset, and help them to calm down quickly, if they do it regularly. Plus: it’s a fun, little ritual, where everyone can find their own power pose, and act it out, when required. Of course this works best with the little ones.